• Videos

  • Where can I get your videos?

    If you want to check out our highest quality and newest productions the best places are ManyVids and ModelHub.

    Alternatively, you can buy one of our video packs here on this site using Bitcoin. Click here to see the video packs and buy.

    For our free stuff, check out our PornHub profile. This is where most of our early videos are still located. We also sometimes upload short HD versions of our paid videos there too.

  • Where can I see a list of your videos?

    It's funny you should ask! Because there's a list right here on this site. You can click/tap on a video and you'll see a preview of the screenshots in the video.

  • Should I buy using Bitcoin or on ManyVids/ModelHub?

    With ManyVids and ModelHub (a.k.a. PornHub), you can buy individual videos, view trailers and pay via credit card. This is probably more convenient for most people.

    With Bitcoin, you can only buy video packs, but with complete privacy. This is where you buy multiple videos to download via a large ZIP file. This is a much more private option as you don't need to provide any personal details. You just enter your email address and anonymously pay from any Bitcoin (BTC) wallet you own to our address. We will automatically detect your payment and within 15-30 minutes you should receive a link sent to your email to download the video pack.

  • How do I open the password protected video pack files?

    The videos in the video packs are stored within a password protected ZIP file. The password will be provided in your confirmation email.

    The ZIP file can be opened using Windows 10 native ZIP tool. Just right-click on the ZIP file and choose 'Extract All...'. You then need to choose a file location and when you click Extract it will prompt you for the password. Enter the password provided in your email.

    If you don't use Windows, you can try other ZIP opening tools such as 7-Zip and WinRAR. There are also unzip tools for Android and iOS.

  • How would you describe your porn?

    It's usually classified as Asian, which I guess is because, well, I'm Asian and we can ignore the guy, right? :)

    Well since my boyfriend is white and we record our videos at home, then I guess we could also call it Asian interracial amateur porn. We have sometimes used the abbreviation WMAF (for white male Asian female) as we know a lot of people are interested in that.

    Our style of sex usually has me acting quite submissively, getting fucked and submitting my body to my boyfriend for his pleasure. I am quite petite and my boyfriend is much larger than me. In that sense I think our videos fit the cultural and social stereotype of white male-Asian female sex.

    In some of our videos, the domination theme comes out a bit stronger. In a couple of videos we do some role play where my boyfriend wears his business suit and I service him with my body (e.g. TPE-005). In another video, my wrists are bound while he fucks me while wearing his suit (TPE-026).

    Another theme of our videos is the cumshot and what we do after my boyfriend cums. In a lot of our videos, we keep fucking after he has cum. Often, he'll pull out, cum on me then fuck me some more. Sometimes I'll play with his cum. I think this appeals to people with a cum fetish and also it's kinda submissive.

  • About Us

  • What got you into making porn?

    It just happened kinda organically. Initially, we just made some videos for ourselves. Then, back around May 2017 my boyfriend randomly suggested we should try uploading to PornHub. Our fourth video (TPE-004) got popular quickly, got featured and is approaching 1 million views. So the popularity of our early videos inspired us to make and upload more.

    After that, for about 15 months we just uploaded the occasional video to PornHub for free. But with no promotion or social media activity our view counts continued to rise. So we thought that we could start putting a little more effort into our videos and see if anyone wants to buy our content. We were surprised when the sales started right away.

  • Why is a lot of your porn now paid-for (i.e. not free)?

    Basically, because producing it takes a lot of time and effort. Making it can be a lot of fun, but editing, encoding and uploading can be time consuming and complex. We've also bought lighting, production and camera equipment to make our production quality better. So it's good to get some compensation for our effort.

    It took us 15 months of only producing free porn to get to this point though. Initially we found the views alone rewarding (not to mention a turn on for our exhibitionist side), but after a while that stopped exciting us. So the motivation for making porn is a combination of the creative process of producing it plus the financial compensation.

    But nomatter what, we'll keep fucking each other - with or without a camera! :)

  • Are you going to keep uploading free porn?

    Yes! But it just won't be our priority or focus. Most of our free porn will be shortened versions of our paid videos. At the moment, we're sometimes uploading free short HD 1080p versions (5-10 mins) of our 20-25 minute 4K paid movies.

    Our videos TPE-020, TPE-021 and TPX-003 are very recent and all have free HD cuts on PornHub.

  • Where can I follow you?

    We're active on the main adult-friendly social media sites of Twitter and Reddit.

    Of course, you can also follow-us on ManyVids, PornHub and ModelHub.

  • How can I support you?

    Buying our videos is definitely the best way to support us and encourage us to make more. However, we also really appreciate any kinds of positivity or support. Follow us on ManyVids, PornHub, Twitter and Reddit. Leave lots of nice comments (we read them all). Share links to our stuff on Twitter or on your PornHub feed. Add our vids to your public playlists.

    And, of course, leave positive reviews and ratings on our videos. In PornHub, give us a thumbs up and favorite our vids. In ManyVids, a positive review is especially helpful because the number of users is smaller and reviews are rarer.

  • Do you watch porn?

    Haha, of course we both watch porn. Sometimes alone, sometimes together. We often watch other scenes with Asian girls and white guys, especially some of the other great amateur Asian girls / couples.

  • What's your sex like away from the camera?

    Some aspects are similar to our videos, some are very different. In terms of similarities, we fuck a lot with me in cowgirl. Our style of fucking is quite similar to what you'd see in our videos too.

    But there are also a lot of differences. For one, we both cum a lot more easily. When making a video, the camera and production can sometimes be distracting and it can be hard to focus enough to cum. I'm more vocal - I tend to stay quiet when we're recording for anonymity purposes. Our positions can also be different: when not filming we'll fuck more in casual positions in bed like spooning and missionary. We also have loads more oral sex and masturbation of each other.

  • Custom Videos

  • Do you make custom videos on request?

    Yes. We make custom vids. You can request them via our ManyVids profile. You can also see pricing there.

  • Hang on, what is a custom video?

    A custom video is where you can request what happens in a video. It can be some actions you've seen in our other videos that you'd like to see more of. It can be specific positions. It can be something completely new or something we've missed from our videos that you'd really love to see.

  • What kind of things do people ask for?

    Typically, it's a request particular fetish that someone has. They can often be very specific. We all have fetishes and a custom vid is a great way to see more of what you find arousing.

    However, it can really be anything. One of our custom vids was simply for my boyfriend to cum on my tits. We realised that we'd somehow never had that in any of our vids so it was easy for us to include in our next video.

  • So what exactly are the steps for making one?

    If your request is quite vanilla, you can just go straight to the ManyVids page and make the request.

    However, if you'd prefer to discuss your idea first, you can leave a message on the Custom Vids page and I'll send you a PM to discuss the idea. I'll let you know if it sounds like something we could do and you can then submit your request.

    Typically, we would try to prioritize recording a custom video, but it can still take a while to release. We'll keep you updated on when we're expecting to record it, and when it'll be edited and uploaded. Typically it'll take 1-2 weeks for us to make and upload your request.

    Finally, when the video is ready we'll upload it to ManyVids and you get to check out your idea in action!

  • Do you publish the custom vids for others to buy?

    That's up to you. You can request that we don't share the video with anyone else, however that has an extra cost.

    Most people, however, prefer that their video is shared. I think because the video is their idea, many people enjoy seeing how popular it is for other.

  • What requests are out of bounds for a custom video?

    We don't show our faces. We won't speak in the video. We won't do anal. There's lots of other stuff we also won't do, but in general we're pretty open minded.

  • Do you offer porn editing as a service?

    Yes. I can edit your homemade porn into a full video, including if it's a multi-camera recording. Additional services include advanced face blurring and fast-edit cutting such as production of trailers, compilations and music videos.

    Send me a message on Twitter, Reddit, Pornhub or ManyVids if you want to discuss this. Pricing is based on the length and complexity of the project.